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Spiritual Applications, study and Scripture review

We believe that to experience life we must experience Christ and to live life with meaning we must live Christ through our lives. This section on Spiritual Applications is where the Church leadership will share some of their thoughts, Spiritual inspirations and insight. from
the Church leadership including Sunday meditations


Christmas and New Years 2012

Pastor Mark wishes all people peace and love in the Lord. This new year of 2012 brings more people into the teachings about Gods love and the meaning of Holiness. Love from our heart and that love to God and our fellow man reflect the reality of God here on earth. May God bless you this year ahead and may his love become increasing real in your life.

Love from

April 24th 2011


If Christ has not been raised, Our preaching is useless, And so is your faith.
1 Corinthians 15:14

Resurrection is Christ's - our resurrection!!

Dear friends!!

During the wonderful day of bright Christ's resurrection, accept our most sincere Easter greetings.

Resurrection is Jesus Christ - this is central moment in the rescue history of humanity.

 This is the triumphal event, on which our Christian faith is built upon, whose essence is expressed by holy apostle Paul's words “For all you, who were baptized into Christ, have clothed yourselves with Christ.” Gal. 3:27.

Let the glorious words “Christ is Risen” be repeated today with the same faith, with which - precisely in this day - they were pronounced the first time.

Rev. Mark Bazalev

Если Христос не воскрес,
То и проповедь наша тщетна,
Тщетна и вера наша.
1 Кор. 15:14

Воскресение Христово – Наше воскресение.
Дорогие друзья!!
В радостный день Светлого Христова Воскресения, примите наши самые искренние пасхальные поздравления.
Воскресение Христово - это центральный момент в спасительной истории человечества. Это триумфальное событие, на котором зиждется наша христианская вера, сущность которой выражена словами святого Апостола Павла «Все вы, во Христа крестившиеся, во Христа облеклись.» Гал. 3:27.
Пусть удивительные слова «Христос Воскрес» повторяются сегодня с такой же верой, с которой - именно в этом день – они были произнесены в первый раз.

С молитвами о вас,

Марк Базалев

March 2011: Psalm 72 A Psalm dealing with the qualities of governmental leadership which focus on those who have authority to implement justice and righteous. The Psalm is a short 20 verses but jam packed with good advice for leaders. such as "Help him judge your people in the right way;let the poor always be treated fairly. May the mountains yield prosperity for all and may the hills be fruitful, because the king does what is right. Help him to defend the poor to rescue the children of the needy and crush their opperssors."

April 10, 2011  Old Testiment Study Study the key historical dates in the Old Testiment and the surrounding cultures in particular Nehemiah (around 430BC)  and Ezra (458BC) compare to the Greek Plato (427-347BC) Socrates and Aristotle. Look what was going on in Athens at the time (the plague in 429BC) Ezra in Jerusalem 458BC and Esther in 479BC.  

May 2011  ROMANS We direct our study to the first chapter of the Book of Romans. The first chapter is a monumental study and word from God by the apostile Paul.

June 2011  We in Spiritual Diplomacy originally referred to the Center that Rev. Mark has been developing as a Spiritual retreat centre where you could come to withdraw from the day to day battles of life and meditate on the Lord, use the library or just rest using our other facilities.

 In considering all of these things it became clear to me that if “If you can’t see God you don’t know where you are going”. The naming of the facility “The World Holiness Centre” we captured what the founders of the movement were all about. Although Spiritual Diplomacy is not a religious proselytizing movement the founders have closely held deep spiritual and religious roots in the Holiness tradition. To operate in the Kingdom requires Holiness unto the Lord. To see the truth requires we see God. To follow God we must see and be able to listen to his guidance. I realized while meditating beside the lake watching the birds in the early morning that we are all blinded by sin. In fact Jesus spoke about the subject relating what happens when the blind lead the blind! God not only wants us to see Him but to be able to see him and feel him at the same time. I call it “seeing with feeling” I understood that it was only by Jesus that we are truly able to see and experience the fullness of God. His associates said to him “Show us God” and his response was “if you have seen me you have seen the father”
Holiness has its own language its own space; it has its own people, and our Centre is a place to experience God with others in His Kingdom. This is a place that is not attractive to the loud shouting world with all its conflicting voices. It is a place of quiet peace, study and spiritual work and individual discovery.

To find God and have the correct image of Him is to find His favor. When we find that favor we are at a place of rest; Gods rest. That rest of God is not the kind of rest that the world and the serenity of nature provide, but a deeper more profound eternal rest. In a way its death to the worlds conflicts of sin.

So Holiness is a place with God and the “World Holiness Centre” is a place where you can meet and spend time with God. It’s a place where we can meet and co-habit in the eternal spirit. A place where we can leave the tyranny of the immediacy of the flesh which keeps us from seeing and hearing God. It’s a place where we can take a short or eternal walk in peace.

We hope to see you and visit each other at the small bit of 4 acre sanctuary in North Port Florida where you can experience the transfiguration moment with Jesus, like at the top of the Olivet Mountain. That place in the eternal City of the New Jerusalem in the new Kingdom at the place of Holiness.

We look forward to welcoming and seeing you. Feel free to call Mark Bazalev at the office 1 941 429-1382 to make arrangements.