"A Church where you can find the love of God"


The United Holiness Church has seen and experienced remarkable answered prayer.

A fundemental principal of our Church is a prayer life connected to God.

We believe in the power of prayer.

As a Church we have prayed in faith and have personaly experienced answered prayer.

Since we have seen with our own eyes and have been physically touched by answered prayer we encourage prayer to God. As our tradition is Wesley Holiness we believe one of the keys to answered prayer is that God hears the prayer of the righteous.

As the Church develops we encourage you to send us your prayer requests.

  Prayer for the physically challenged.

We will be posting special prayer needs on this page and encourace you to email to us your prayer requests at: prayer@unitedholinesschurch.com

We will have the prayers contained for at least one month before God.

If you need a special personal visit with one of our Senior Elders or Pastors and to  make the travel arrangements please contact us at:  pastor@unitedholinesschurch.com  


Pray for local government favor. Pray for a specific volunteer to work with the Church web site ministry.


July 2012  Special prayers asked for favor with local authorities and Government civil servants.

The church is seeking a more specific location for a possible sanctuary in Venice FL depending oh how God through His Holy Spirit is leading us.

January and February 2012

Elder Michael Markham and his wife just attended a Ellel marrage seminar in Florida near Tampa and highly recommends it to our supporters who wish a deeper enrichment of what Christian Marrage is all about. He has asked us to pray for Ellel Ministry in the USA for the next 3 months.

 "Ellel Ministries is a non-denominational Christian mission organization with a vision to welcome people, teach them about the Kingdom of God and heal those in need. What we do is summed up in the phrase "Bringing the heart of God to the heart of man" and Luke 9:11."

April 10, 2011 through June 2011

  •  Preperations for SDRC opening end of May. Answered
  •  Completion of New Library and WHC in April. Answered
  •  Japan radiation remediation and disaster reconstruction.
  •  Continuing uplifting of the Pastor and his family.
  •  Wisdom for the Elders
  •  Thanksgiving prayer for the new members.
  •  Specific direction on how to use the facilities in Northport for the Glory of the  Lord and for self sustainability. Answered
  • What to do with donations of things to the Church. 
  • Change of format for the prayer request page of the web site.

January - March 2011

• Church Financial neeeds: $5M goal for a gift program of receiving property and funds for Church and related activity. Pray for the Churches interest in the development of special gift from the development of a California property.

• Development of a Life Insurance programs for Church members and a gift component to the Church as well.

 • Completion of the Church library and development of a church lecture program utilizing the library by the end of 2011. Prayer of thanks for progress with the library. (answered)

  • Pray for Mr. Markham’s daughter in Australia and her new husband and that his other children will be yoked with believers and find a church to attend.
  •  Pray for wisdom on how the church will operate its mission and organization outside the US. 
  • Pray for the church work with the victims of the Chernobyl disaster and how specifically God wishes us as a church to assist the widows and orphans. Pray for the victims of the Japan disaster and the nuclear radiation of local people.
  • Pray for Reggie Dill that his left eye will be brought back to full use because its causing him a problem.
  • Pray for Grace Peck and her new internet business that se will get the sales of advertising she needs to have a more than successful business launch. 


  • Favor with any government authority regarding the Church formation before the end of November 2010 (Answered in writing 2011)
  • Shearwater trenching and plumbing completion as soon as possible before end of November 2010. (finished in December) Answered
  • Special prayer of wisdom, confort and assurance for our legal counsel. Answered
  • Lift up our fiiends Hawaii charity that rescues horses.(in process)
  • Immediate deliverence from substance abuse for Brian and Michelle and their family and  cease promotion and use of drugs before November 15, 2010! (part answered)
  • Additional and substantial financial blessings for the Church members before the end of 2010.
  • Family and domestic order with obedient children serving the Lord.before the end of 2010. Specificaly for daughters not to be unequily yoked with unbelivers.


Answered Prayer and Praise

  • Healing for Trace White President of Impact Mentoring Academy who is ill with an infection in his leg. Prayer answered Trace is recovered this week 04/10/2010! 
  • Our friends in Korea and our future relationships in the Lord. Prayer answered for succesful concert in Estonia!
  • Rev Bazalev recovery from the flu.  Dec 9th 2010 Answered
  • Pastor Mark and the team traveling in overseas. Answered
  • Pastor Marks and the Elders travel plans for the month to the end of the year and Gekes and Christy trip to Holland this month to middle of November. Answered
  • Travel arrangements and costs for our leadership. Answered
  • Peace in Korea through 2010 Answered
  • Mo; successful exams results, resident visa, and fiinishing his construction project in Australia.before the end of 2010 In process
  • Favor with any government authority regarding the Church formation before the end of November 2010  Answered
  • May 2011 Successful opening of library and World Holiness Centre (answered)
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