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Giving & Donations

email: donations@unitedholinesschurch.com or markbazalev@mail.ru

Or call Pastor Bazalev at 1 630 330 9258

"Offer up to the Lord your gifts, talents and the first fruit of your labour"

"God will prosper his people"

  • Church Offerings, 
  • Special Development Donations,
  • Special Humanitarian and Compassionate Donations,

    We believe the silver and gold belongs to the Lord.

    Even so we are compelled to use present physical wealth to honor God.

    Even in Ancient times men recognized that they needed to bring offerings and sacrifices to God.

    For many people it is the same today except they bring money instead of meat and grain offerings.

    There is an important spiritual principal to follow by offering a part of your profits or capital gain to God and to the people who represent the work of God in the present day.

    We more than encourage you to make a gift to this ministry (even if you do not get a tax advantage) because there is an advantage to you that in parting with some of your personal wealth that becomes an act of faith. In faith God will receive and consider your gift to the kingdom of God.

    Email us your act of faith committment request to give a gift, pledge, tithe or other sacrifice to the ministry. We will provide you with when and where you can make your contribution, or just pay online when we establish a credit card or pay pal program.

    For further financial information regarding the Church and how to give financially or otherwise please call Pastor Bazalev at 1 941 429-1382 or go to our secure internet credit card payment link at:

    Email donations can be made at: donations@untedholenesschurch.com

    You can specify where your gift will be used or just let us use the funds as we see a need throughout the mnistry.


    We have been given some special paintings as donations to the ministry. If you wish to purchase those paintings or commission special paintings for your home or office call Pastor Mark.

    We also encourage you to donate your car or truck to the ministry when you purchase a new one. We can give you a tax receipt for the value of your car donated to the Ministry..

    If your are a local US Member of the Church, an American, or US resident, you will issued a receipt for US tax deduction purpose.

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